Harris Oboe Reed
Alto Saxophone Reed Case for 10 reeds
Bassoon Reed Case
Bassoon Reed Case (10 reeds)
Bassoon Reed Case (3 reeds)
Bassoon Reed Case (6 reeds)
Carrying Bag for Oboe & Clarinet
Clarinet Reed Case
Clarinet Reed Case
Clarinet Reed Case (12 reeds) [No Holder]
Clarinet Reed Case (7 reeds) [single side]
Clarinet Reed Case for 10 Reeds [Holder]
Combination Reed Case (11 ob/7 e)
Combination Reed Case (8 ob/3 e)
Combination Reed Case for Oboe and E. horn
Cutting Blocks
Danzi ( 30 pcs/set)
Danzi (Gouged Only) ( 30 pcs/set)
Dial Indicator (Plaque Style)
Digital Dial Indicator
E. Horn Reed Case for 3 Reeds
English Horn Reed Case (10 Reeds)
English Horn Reed Case (5 reeds)[Walnut]
Glotin (30 pcs/set)
Glotin (Gouged Only)(30 pcs/set )
Gouged and Shaped cane (Shapes include Gilbert -1, 1)
Gouged Cane (10.5 - 11)
Harris (50 pcs / set)
Harris Case Cover
Harris Dial Indicator
Harris Gouged Cane (50 pcs/set)
Harris Pro Oboe Reed
Harris Reed Making Knife
Harris Single Reed Dial Indicator
Harris Standard Oboe Reed
Harris Standard Reed(3 reeds/set)
Harris Student Reed - Oboe 3 Reeds / Set
Mitutoyo Dial Indicator (1 1/2" Dial Face)
Mitutoyo Dial Indicator (2 1/8" Dial Face)
Mitutoyo Single Reed Dial Indicator (1 1/2"dial face)
Monthly Plans
Oboe & E. Horn Reed Case
Oboe Canes
Oboe Reed Case (12 reeds)
Oboe Reed Case (20 reeds)
Oboe reed case for 3 reeds
Oboe Reed Case For 6 Reeds
Oboe Reeds & Canes
Patch For Clarinet and A. Saxophone
Pisoni Oboe Cane Gouged only(30 pcs)
Pisoni Shaped Oboe Cane (30 pcs)
Plan - Pro (Choo)
Pro Oboe Reed (3 reeds/ set)
Rigotti Gouged Cane (100 pcs/set)
Rigotti Oboe Cane Gouged and Shaped (100 pcs)
Saxophone Reed Case
Saxophone Reed Case For 6 and 7 reeds (Alto)
Saxophone Reed Case for Alto (5 reeds)
Saxophone Reed Case for Baritone (6 Reeds)
Tenor Sax. Reed Case for 6 Reeds
Thumb Rest For Oboe and Clarinet
Walnut Clarinet Reed Case for 5 Reeds (No Holder)
Walnut Clarinet Reed Case for 8 Reeds (No Holder)
Walnut, Mahogany and Cherry Reed Cases
Wooden box for Dial indicator
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